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Sniffany's of York was founded in 2019 by Sabrina Thomas.

About Sniffany's of York

Brag About The Wag®

If you're looking for a pet groomer near Central PA, then look no further than Sniffany's of York! Our highly-trained pet groomers provide luxury, personalized service with a gentle touch to get your pet feeling their absolute best. 

Whether your dog needs a simple bath & blowout, or it's time for a little bit of luxurious spoiling in the Sniffany's Spa, our skilled groomers are here to help with all of your goals for pet grooming.


We at Sniffany's of of York take immense pride in devoting ourselves to the safety & comfort of our clients. We only groom one dog at a time, so your pet will be pampered in a quiet, clean, positive and calming environment.


Sabrina has over 22 years of experience with all breeds and is AKC S.A.F.E certified as well as being a part of the National Dog Groomers Association of America.

Sniffany's of York is a unique upscale pet spa & boutique in York, PA. We are the premier destination for luxury pet grooming and our beautiful boutique offers all-natural baked treats, top-quality foods, and accessories for cats and dogs. The Sniffany's of York experience starts with first-class customer service, smooth communication, and ends with flawless execution. We only provide a one-on-one setting in a low-distraction, stress free environment.


About Sabrina

Before she decided to open Sniffany's of York, she had always loved animals so when her two children were entering middle and high school she left her job in early 2000 to follow her passion; working with dogs and cats. She started working part-time as a bather and absolutely fell in love with the connection she developed with each and every pet that came to see her. Sabrina was soon encouraged to attend grooming school by her teacher and mentor, Charlene. Charlene saw great potential in Sabrina and encouraged her to be the best at everything she touched and to master the skills she was given.

Sabrina trained with her mentor for an additional 3 years after she finished grooming school when she herself was offered a teaching position within the same organization. Sabrina taught for 5 years and for several years following Sabrina managed several locations in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Mississippi and Michigan. After working in the pet industry for 17 years she took time off to enjoy her three grandsons.

Sabrina had always dreamed of opening her own upscale dog spa and boutique so she did her research for the best pet products, color schemes, textures, equipment, tools and retail items. Now the dream of opening an upscale dog spa and boutique became a reality and Sniffany's of York was born.


About Molly

Molly is currently a Junior in high school and has been working at Sniffanys since June 2023. When she isn’t at work or school she is often seen drawing or stage managing for her school theater department. Dogs and animals were always on her mind as a kid and she is so excited to work with them.

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